Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my gig ends early, so i go to the temple and do seven initiatories.

then i go to beard papa for a chocolate cream puff and to george's for a slice of pizza.

then i visit andre. as always, we talk about girls and church.

then i think about heading home. instead, i decide to visit another brother. he has a pass-along card on the door of his room. he speaks japanese and spanish but struggles with english.

"i thought you forgot about me," he says.

"never," i say.

i give him a message, and we pray together. he says he wants to go out with the missionaries three days a week to improve his english. he also says he wants to go on a mission.

i end the evening at peter and stephen's, my home away from home, where i eat another slice of pizza.

on my way home, i invite clay johnsen of inwood good fame to referee a basketball game on saturday morning.

mosiah 14


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