Friday, April 14, 2006

bremen writes and sends this quorum email, with which i am pleased and impressed.


As we celebrate what President Hinckley has called “the greatest victory of all time,” there will be opportunities this weekend to share the joy of the gospel with others. Whether you’re traveling or celebrating Easter here in the city, consider the following ways you can share your love and testimony with those around you, submitted by your elders quorum in link-heavy wiki format:

* invite them to church
* visit them and meet their needs
* feed them Easter treats
* send them Easter ecards from
* send them a link to an Easter message about Christ's victory over death
* give them a pass-along card with a picture of Christ
* invite them to watch the Lamb of God with you
* invite them to the Passover seder dinner on saturday, april 15, at 8 pm at the stake center

Also, please be aware of the needs meeting message and elders quorum lesson included in earlier emails this week. Seek to be inspired.

Should you chose to explore New York's cultural wealth of Easter and Passover festivities, consider the following piece of etiquette: A gentleman knows how to behave in other people’s churches. If the congregation stands, he stands. He does not, however, have to cross himself, bow, or kneel.

Thank you for your faith and righteous desires. Happy Easter from your quorum.

Respectfully yours,

luke 24:1-7
Why seek ye the living among the dead?
He is not here, but is risen.


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