Thursday, March 23, 2006

i go to my gig at the manhattan temple on elders quorum temple night.

for the first time this year, i'm the only brother from my quorum there. i miss the other brothers who sometimes come.

i see some sisters from my former ward, so those familiar faces sweeten the session in which i follow.

after the session, i enter the celestial room and read abraham 3.

i reflect upon how the lord prepared me for my elders quorum calling in the two years leading up to it. i realize i serve with some of the noble and great ones.

i leave the celestial room last. the lights are out in the temple lobby when i leave the building.

i go to vinnie's to eat pizza. for the last few weeks, i've left a quarter and a pass-along card in the tip jar.

they hang one of the pass-along cards on the wall.

abraham 3:22-23


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